Turbocharged Sierra Truck Humiliates Tuned Ferrari 458 Italia! You Have To See This!

This is one of those moments you just don`t want to experience. You have bought yourself a really expensive Ferrari, thinking that money equals speed. After all, the brand “Ferrari“ is synonym for speed for many people throughout the world! You decide to challenge a truck to a race and that is the moment reality hits you! Seems like having an expensive car won`t help you win against a turbocharged Sierra! Check out this Turbocharged GMC Sierra Pickup Truck As It Humiliates this Tuned Ferrari 458 Italia in a street race! The Italian supercar was trying, but it was not fast enough to beat the GMC truck! It seems like the truck`s driver is fed up with sport cars and wanted to show what an American muscle vehicle can actually do! If this was his intention then he proved his point! His thing really pulls and sounds like a demon!

Ferrari`s driver will definitely remember this night for a long time! Besides the awesome overtake, you can also enjoy the magnificent sounds these two mighty vehicles produce! The thing is, you can actually hear the Ferrari`s machine after the turbocharged Sierra overtakes the tuned 458 Italia! That`s how loud it is! We can only wonder if the ego of the Ferrari driver was completely destroyed! Nonetheless, we are certain that he will think more the next time he decides to race against an American truck! And the final conclusion?! Well, it seems that Ferraris are not that fast, they are just too expensive! We positively recommend you guys to watch this astonishing video! It proves that although trucks might not look as nice as sport cars, they still pack a punch with what they have under the hood! See the video! Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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