Nissan GTR vs 2 Ferraris: Night Street Race in Singapore! Miss It And You’ll Regret It!

OMG that Nissan GTR smoked those Ferraris like they were normal cars! This is definitely in Singapore and seems like it`s at Seng Kang. These kinds of random races have always been interesting for us. You casually roam around the city, and someone decides to challenge you to a quick street race! Who could possibly deny this experience? Not these guys certainly! The lineup for this night street race is intriguing as well. We have 2 Ferraris on one hand, and one Nissan GTR on the other! With beasts like this clashing, you just know the race is going to be EPIC! However, we never expected anything like this! We had many different scenarios about how this night street race will end, but what actually happened never crossed our mind! This was a complete and total embarrassment for the Ferraris!


This is a lesson we have learnt so many times! Over and over again! But many do not seem to understand the real GTR power! Thus, 2 Ferraris thought they could easily beat a Nissan GTR but they were heavily WRONG! Not only did they lose, but the Nissan GTR did not even had trouble as it showed them the rear behind from the START! The feeling must be great as you sweep out those luxury cars! The GTR might be $150.000 cheaper, but it sure offers more in a street race, at least in this particular one! This night street race video in Singapore is just one of the myriad of such videos where the Nissan GTR wins remarkably easy! We thought that the Ferraris, or at the very least one of them, would stand a chance against the GTR. However, the launch control the Nissan GTR has proved too much for both Ferarris.

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Enjoy the video below!

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