Three 1000hp Nissan GTRs CRAZY Street RACING vs Other Cars!

Three 1000 hp Nissan GTRs CRAZY Street RACING vs Other Cars! These guys are enjoying on the STREETS of Central Colorado!

A Gearhead does not need much to remain happy. Just a few 1000 horsepower NISSAN GTRs!!! Wow, that did not sound really modest, right? However, the video below shows three NISSAN GTRs with an average motor of 1000 HP as they run their rides on the wide streets of Colorado! With some great numbers and specifications on the engine, like Twin Turbo, Nitrous or the MASSIVE TORQUE of 29 lb/ft these guys are ready to perform the show! People of Colorado really got an event that will leave a mark and a memory that lasts! Enjoy the video and feel free to share it!

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