Is This The Most Dangerous & Amazing Drift King Show Ever? James Tang Plays The Main Role This Time!

And when we say it, we really mean it! These guys are really awesome and totally insane at the same time! We are saying it because the track on which these guys, James Tang from Hong Kong from the Red Bull team, and the Italian Federico Sceriffo from the Team Orange Japan, are drift-driving, is really so dangerous, it kind of reminds of a scene from a James Bond movie. The whole thing is happening up on the Tianmenshan Mountain in China (famous by the huge hole in the rocks, called the Doors to Heaven), on a road that has about a hundred hardcore turns that makes a man`s stomach turn inside out, just by looking at it, let alone drifting on it. But the whole thing is actually a competition that took place in the summer of 2013 called Tianmenshan Mountain Drift King event, and the Italian Federico Sceriffo who actually reached a speed of 100 mph, took home the win, scoring 96.5 points. This is definitely the best Drift King show we have ever seen.
What better way to show your drifting skills then to do it on a mountain road, where one mistake can cost your life! Nevertheless, James Tang and Federico Sceriffo are professionals, so this is child`s play to them. To the rest of us regular mortals, this is an amazing Drift King show! So watch the video and experience with your own eyes, one of the most insane drifting events ever organized. But if you are living in an area that even resembles on something like this, do not try to do something alike, because you might not have a time to regret it.

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