We have something very interesting for you guys! We`ve been to Tokyo lots of times for several reasons! This time we`re going to take you in a small Work Shop called Power House Amuse that is always full of interesting cars! They`ve been working on the famous Carbon-R Skyline, so let`s see what they did! Rather than a simple body kit, almost all of the panels have been replaced!

Moreover, the normal flow has been removed so the Titanium exhaust it had till now seems to be expelled! They allowed the raised wheels to be given a bigger offset! The doors as well are Carbon Fibered with just a tiny bit of them showing the original metal! The roof, however, has been left in the original color! But of course, the wing is carbon fibered too! Being made for racing, the engine is tuned! It has custom piping and practically all the metal is now carbon fibered! As for the inside, the rest of the trim is gone! So, that was our brief introduction! It is now your turn to see more, and see the Carbon-R Skyline R34 with your own eyes!