TUNED Nissan 240SX – Preparation, Stance & Great DRIFTING!

Everyone who knows at least something about the Nissan GTR models and considers himself as a drifting fan, is very well aware that the Nissan 240SX models are considered to be one of the best drifting machines in the entire Nissan sports cars line up. So that is why finding a video clip in which we can see some 240SX example in drift-driving action is always one of the things that gives one a real pleasure and great watching experience of this awesome vehicle in action. Today we have prepared you a video that can really be described as one day in an excellent drift sports car, tuned Nissan 240SX Type – X.

Equipped with an ISC drift Suspension, JR3 wheels (18×9 in the front and 19×10.5 at the rear), with a motor under the hood that can generate pretty decent 250 HP. It starts in the morning, the 240SX is taken out of the garage, it gets washed up, and then it is headed towards the track. And then of course, the drifting action can start.

From what we can see from the license plates, this tuned Nissan 240SX video is coming from Poland, and we can only say `bravo` for its owner, on how is he taking care of his great ride, and for this cool video. Check it out.

If you want to find out and learn more about the Nissan 240SX, go to this link.