WEIRD OBJECT Captured On The Highway!!! NO ONE Knows WHAT IT IS – ANY IDEA?

Russians have surprised us many times. It`s not a secret that they have a highly developed scientific machinery! They have been to the space, they have their own satellites, nuclear weapons etc. Something very strange and weird was captured by a camera in Russia two years ago and people still wonder what it is! For a naïve eye, it is some kind of a cement kiln, except that we have all seen cement kilns and this one does not seem to be one!To be honest, it does look like one, except for being 10 times bigger than a regular one and looks like a gigantic brown log!!! However, some people do give reasonable explanations. Thus, some say it is a machine made for oil fracking! It is made for the process of drilling and making space for the natural gas to be released from underneath the ground! Whatever this weird object is, it is HUGE! 

Who knows, maybe they`re right, but it still seems pretty suspicious to us! If you are curious, feel free to see the video and if you know the answer please comment – we`re tired of guessing and we can`t wait to find out! Seeing a weird object on the highway such as this one will always attract attention. If we laid eyes upon something weird and big just standing on the highway, we would be intrigued too! Many conspiracy theories will be made about this weird object, and some will be really crazy. We will eventually find out what this thing is, but until then, we can only wonder or read other peoples wild guesses. Hopefully, we will get our answer soon! So, don’t hesitate to express yourself in the comment section below!

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