Home Made FLYING SAUCER on the Streets of INDIANA!

I`m an alien, I`m a legal alien -- I`m a Martian in Indiana! Those would probably be Sting`s lyrics if Steve Anderson, a creative mechanic from Indiana was to write them down for him. Steve is a little different from other mechanics, his garage looks more like a comic book store than like an actual garage. His walls are full of superhero posters such as Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman and many more! One day, Steve was playing with a flying saucer toy when he suddenly realized it would be cool if you could actually be IN that bubble! And that, ladies and gentlemen is how it all began! It took 8 months for Steve to construct his new little vehicle and it`s finally on the streets! The XK3-32000 as Steve the Martian calls his Home Made Flying Saucer, needs a gallon of gas for 50 miles and it also cries for lot of attention!

People of Indiana are well introduced to XK3-3200, the home made flying saucer and they are not ashamed to take pictures or shoot videos of it! That`s probably what we would do if we had the chance! For now, we will have to get satisfied with a simple view of the footage!

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