First TEST RIDE – Akrapovic MORSUS Bike! From Drawing to Product in 2 Months! We Are IN LOVE!

Slovenia has the privilege to be the creator of the most unique, devilishly looking motorbike, built for the aftermarket exhaust Akrapovic. Two and a half months was the period that was needed to create this terror beast from a scratch and although that sounds like a short amount of time, we must admit that this creation required specific skills for customs, focus, concentration and lots of unique ideas. The Morsus bike is here!

The Morsus bike managed to win some major European custom build shows as well! The Morsus bike got its name from the Latin word Morsus that means `bite` or `sting` in Latin. And this is very apt when you take into consideration that Morsus` logo is a scorpion.

Critics are divided with their opinions for this custom motorbike and the main arguments are considering the wheels. The negative comments are that this Akrapovic motorcycle looks like a dangerous machine, mainly because of its wheels which would not help you a lot during a windy day. However, there is no doubt that the look, the design and the appearance of this bike are one of the most fascinating ever. The Morsus bike has some very fierce looking handlebars and mirrors.

They are designed in a way to resemble scorpion arms and claws! The sweeping upright seat resembles a venomous scorpion tail! What a fantastic idea! Between the seat and the frame there is a little Fox air shock as well. This hybrid seems to be a mix of chopper and sport bike and it may even remind you of “Decepticon” from Transformers.

Some renowned critics are complaining that this bike is not very comfortable to ride. However, we must say that the Morsus Bike is one of those rare bikes where you can forgo comfort for what it is! It`s a real showpiece!

At the end, we must mention the sounds that this bike produced, which even more confirm that this is one of the very few absolutely superb luxurious works of art in the moto world.

Finally, if you want to see the Akrapovic exhaust and find out the price, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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