Nissan GTR Blue R34 On The 2014 Hillclimb Windy Point!

Watch this amazing video with this deep Nissan GTR Blue Skyline R34 On The 2014 Hillclimb Windy Point! It has it all: Acceleration, Brutal Sound, Insane Handling and Mean Look!

The Aussies have shown us many times that they can truly be the masters of Motor Sports! So, in that matter, feel free to come with us on this journey to South Australia at the HillClimb Windy Point 2014 event and see this NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34 lap run! It is really AWESOME with the camera giving us the perfect points of view! This R34 is definitely driven by someone who knows how do to it as it passes all the obstacles without any difficulties! This magnificent ride should be seen by every Gearhead, so we invite you to check it out! It will be a real pleasure to watch this video!

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Enjoy the video below!

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