This is How Dinner Is Served With The BMW S1000 RR bike! BMW Performs A Magic Trick In This Commercial!

As you probably know already, BMW S1000 RR bike is one of the finest and fastest superbikes in the world. It is said that it can hit from 0 to 62 mph in incredible 2.9 seconds. The S1000 RR is the bike which revolutionized the world of superbikes! When we take a look at the performance data, its engine works with 9750 rpm! It is fitted with a 193 HP engine that produces 82.5 lb-ft of torque! And when you take into consideration that it weighs only 455.3 lbs, that is truly amazing! But what you are about to see in this video goes even beyond that.

We are sure that you have all seen the trick when a waiter (or anyone for that matter) is pulling the table cloth with all the dishes still on so fast, that everything stays at its place, just as it was. The point is to be as fast as lightning!

Therefore, the guys in this video came up with the idea to use that trick to show just how fast the BMW S1000 RR bike `really` is. Setting a XXXL dining table with a cloth and all dishes on it, the incredible BMW S1000 RR bike is going to demonstrate its lightning speed by doing the same thing as the guy before, pulling that XXXL cloth from the table, without breaking anything! BMW managed to pull out a perfect commercial with this idea! Because if this doesn`t prove just how fast their bike is, we don`t know what else there is!

Did you ever think that something like this is actually possible to be done? I do not think so! Yes, it is one of the oldest tricks in the world, but it is also a great video. Don`t try this at home!

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