I think that I do not have to emphasize the fact that besides showing you great cars in action and some incredibly exciting races, we have an enormous respect for the safety in driving and everything that is connected with it. And that is why we are always presenting to you the latest innovations and technological achievements in this `department` of the world of great and powerful cars and fast bikes. Today we will show you a short video with the great Impulse Motorcycle Jacket, the latest thing which uses the high and advanced technology to improve the safety of motorcycle riding.

This awesome Impulse Motorcycle jacket comes with brake and turn signal systems, that is wirelessly connected with the bike, and give the usual signs for the alert to the other participants in the traffic.

Those of you who are following motorcycle`s world and most of the gadgets that are coming along with it, know that this is not the first time that a motorcycle jacket is incorporating lights. But what makes Impulse Jacket different, is the above mentioned patent-pending technology that is interacting with the already existing brake and turn signal indicators, wirelessly sending the information to the jacket.

It is really great and innovative technology that looks very promising when it comes to reducing the possible traffic accidents that are involving motorcycles, as much as possible. Just watch the video that we have prepared and you will see what I`m talking about. And if you want to see something else that makes the motorcycle ride easier and less complicated, check this out.