10 Different DIESEL CARS! ROLLING COAL Could Be Such A FUN!

I think that I do not need to tell you and stress the fact that diesel fuel is not very popular amongst the typical Gearheads, except when it comes to some Duramax, or Cummins powered trucks. But the fact is that there are many car models out there, especially in Europe, that are running on diesel fuel just as good as their petrol siblings. The following video that we have prepared for you today, is a real good prove about that, as you will see some really cool diesel cars that are drifting, shredding tires, and creating clouds of smoke in very attractive manner, all thanks to their diesel engines.

Most of these diesel cars are European cars, different models of Mercedes, Audi, Volvo and others, some of them new, others a little bit older model. But you will also get to see some 10 second trucks, like that Dodge Ram that is sweeping the strip with much high profiled car, which is the best proof that diesel engines could be pretty fast as well and achieve great results on the strip. Not good only for puling, or creating clouds of smoke.

So check it out and later on tell us what you think about them in the comment section below. And if you want to see which are some of the best diesel powered cars, click here.