Ryan Tuerck On A Drift Challenge In Australia!

You do not have to follow every episode of his show in order to know that the pro drift driver Ryan Tuerck is a guy who really knows how to have fun with cars, and give us a great moment that we all enjoy, regardless of whether we are hardcore drifting fans or not. That is why today we have prepared you a video clip from an episode of Tuerck`d 3rd Season, in which Ryan is going in Australia, to host a Matsuri Drift Challenge event, and there is a lot of fun and wild things going on, which I`m sure you are going to like.

At the start of the Drift Challenge event, Ryan grabs one old Nisan Skyline GTR R31 with naturally aspired, inline six-cylinder motor, and of course, starts drifting it with another guy, until it gets completely wrecked. Afterwards there is a contest between the guys, who is able to drift-park his ride as close as possible to a pile of shredded tires, without colliding it. Then there are many other great cars that we will get to see, like the Toyota Corolla with a turbocharged AE86, and others. So get prepared for a lot of fun and awesome drifting action.

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