Prfessional Driver Ryan Tuerck Drift Invades Philadelphia!

Watch this amazing video with the PRO Driver Ryan Tuerck Drift Invades Philadelphia! This Guy Is Full Of SKILLS! He is drifting in the South Philly Warehouse Bowl on a rainy day and he gets demo’d by his follow truck and end at the Philly’s FDR skatepark!

Take a look at another episode of TUERCK`D! This one is in Philly where Ryan decided to throw a little party of his own! The night started with him getting bunch of friends and going out in a bar where they played pool and had some beer! The following events are more interesting however -- SKATING at a warehouse and drifting on the wet streets of Philadelphia!!! This truly amazing episode show not end unnoticed, take a look at it right here at and enjoy hanging out with Ryan Tuerck and his friends!!! Partying, drifting -- in one word -- INVADING PHILLY!!!

Learn how to do donuts in your dad`s Pickup Truck By Ryan Tuerck!!! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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