$220,000 MERCEDES SLS AMG Water Damaged in Argentina!

$220,000 MERCEDES SLS AMG Water Damaged in Argentina!

He Ordered A 571 HP mercedes sls Worth Over $220000 And He NEVER GOT IT!!! SEE WHY!

Ordering a new car can be very exciting! Actually it always is, regardless of what you order! Even if it`s something as simple as new wipers for your car! It is not a secret that internet shopping can go wrong! But, how would one feel if a Mercedes SLS worth $227K went wrong! Well, sorry buddy, but that is just not the way it works here! Apparently, a guy experienced just that!

It`s a full disaster not getting your wanted Mercedes SLS, and the reason behind the story is even “better”! Listen up carefully folks!

A man from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was really shocked after he saw the condition of his brand new ordered car! Apparently, he bought a Mercedes SLS AMG from Germany valued over 200.000 euros!

The price is understandable if you take into consideration the 6.3L V8 engine and the amazing 571 horsepower!!! However, this amazing car never reached the wanted destination! You want to know the reason?

The shipping boat sunk and this BEAST had been under water for 5 days! And that’s not all! Besides the fact it was under water for so long, the engineers succeeded to start the engine.

Unfortunately, the Board Computer Lights were out of order, so they decided to bring the vehicle back to Germany and fix it! We know it is an everyday thing to order something and not getting it in time. But when it comes to a 200.000 euros ($227.000) item, it is a whole different thing!

Anyway, we`ve witnessed the work of Mercedes` engineers before and we are sure they will do an excellent job! However, let`s just hope for the best and this Mercedes SLS AMG will be in the hands of its rightful owner!

As we were saying, the Mercedes is a really cool ride, if you want to see it race a Nismo GTR, follow this link!