This Personal Luxury SUBMARINE Comes With A Pool!

We all have problems. The main difference is their size! For most of us, making enough to buy yourself your dream car is a big problem. For the more financially powerful however, problems are a different kind. Wealthy people are probably facing some difficulties choosing a yacht. But now, they will not have such a headache anymore! It is the beginning of a new era! We present to you something a bit different than a yacht. This is Migaloo. The ultra-luxury SUBMARINE! If we were billionaires, this personal luxury submarine would definitely be on our “ MUST HAVE“ list!

Luxury yacht Nah This SUBMARINE Sounds Better For Billionaires Check It Out 4

This personal luxury submarine is designed to be an alternative for a yacht, which is why it possesses conveniences like yachts do. For example a huge deck where you have a lounge area, sun beds where you can stretch and enjoy the sun, an 8 by 3 meter-pool and a bar. These amenities give you a wide range of activities and possibilities to choose from. This would not be possible if Migaloo wound not have such dimensions (the submarine is 375 feet long by 36 feet wide).

Because this personal luxury submarine resembles the traditional ones in many aspects, it must have a control tower, but Migaloo`s control tower is designed to house a staircase and an elevator shaft. Also, the submarine comes with the option, like every other submarine, to go under water. Furthermore, there is also a heli-pad. It wouldn’t be considered as luxurious if it didn’t have a heli-pad, would it? We can only hope that one day we will have enough dollars to purchase and own this beauty. Until then, the best we can do is watch videos of it! Don`t worry we will share the footage with you guys! Check it out and enjoy!

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