World’s BEST Powerhouse Coach Has 400 Square Feet! 8 PEOPLE Can Live Comfortably In This Luxurious RV!

Have you ever heard of Doug Tolbert? We suppose you haven`t. Well, our friend Doug is the owner of the best and probably the most luxurious RV in the World. Not only that it has the looks, it is also beautiful “from the inside”! Its engine has enough power to haul a 38.000 pounds trailer and a boat! There is probably no other RV in the world that can hook all that and still be able to go fast! Whenever Doug Tolbert needs to leave Idaho, he makes sure his house comes with him. We would definitely love to travel throughout the United States in this luxurious RV! There will be no need to sleep in cheap motels, because this beauty is a 5 STAR MOVING HOTEL! This is not exaggerated statement, believe us!

The name of this RV is Powerhouse! And of course, Powerhouse has everything you need on a trip to have the home comfort! This amazing RV is equipped with a TV system, a DVD, wireless network and has more than 400 square feet! In fact, 8 people can eat, sleep and live here comfortably. It really is – a home on wheels! Doug Tolbert really invested much in his home on wheels and we can definitely say that he has succeeded! Check out the footage and see what a real RV should look like! We are leaving you in the hands of Doug Tolbert! Doug created something that we think the whole world should see! This is why we had to share this amazing video of the luxurious RV Powerhouse in all its glory! Be warned though, it might win your heart as it did to us! So sit back and enjoy the excellence that is called Powerhouse!

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