F250 Turbo Diesel SAVES THE DAY! IT RESCUES A Sinking Hummer!

This time you have the chance to see the real power of an F250 Turbo Diesel! It is definitely the hero of the day after rescuing a sinking Hummer from a mud pool while the driver was still inside the vehicle! The situation they were in says a lot about the careless Hummer driver, perhaps, but let`s put the accent on the rescuing part. After we saw the Hummer in this position it looked like there was no way out, but then we got surprised – An F250 Turbo Diesel took things in its own tires!

After taking out a huge tow with Monster Hooks out of his trunk, the operation began! After several tries, after many muddy burnouts he finally did it!  Everyone seems to be happy, especially the Hummer driver who would have been stuck there for who knows how long if it was not for the Ford driver. As for the fearless and adventurous driver, we guess that he will stop driving that Hummer of road if he learnt that he lacks experience. Check out the footage below and see how an F250 Turbo Diesel SUV Truck saved the day!

At last, if you want to see one F250 drag racing, make sure to follow this link!