Great Stunt & Drifting Performance by Awesome RC Petrol Hummer!

Every time I watch a video with RC vehicle doing some attractive stunt performance, I get this big wave of positive feelings that make me want to get out immediately and run to the first shopping mall and get one for myself. It is one of the things that is nurturing the child within and gives us (the guys) strength and positive vibes to go further and achieve what we want and need. And the star of today`s video that you are about to see is a great looking RC Petrol Hummer that is running on petrol and does almost everything that a `skilful driver` could possibly try to pull. It is one fast as hell little car, and it is able to produce some serious figures that would put a blush on anyone`s face.

Outside the fact that is running on petrol, we do not have many info about it, but we can tell you that it does not have that classic Hummer look, but it appears to be a little bit more sporty than robust (as the real Hummer is), painted in military colors, with small and powerful engine that can skyrocket it at any given moment. Just look at the RC Petrol Hummer making some donuts -- awesome!

However, if you are looking for some RC Hummers, this is a good choice!

Enjoy the video below!

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