Better Call the Cops! This RC Chevy Bel Air Drift Is Off The Hook!

So you thought that RC vehicles are just for having fun and to fulfill your time when you got nothing better to do? Well, you were damn wrong my friends! After watching the video that we have prepared for you today, with a great looking RC Chevy Bel Air that is making some serious drifts and burnouts, your mind will take a different path of thinking.

This little devil is really acting like a real Chevy Bel Air in the hands of a guy who is totally high on an adrenalin rush! It will almost rip off the asphalt from the parking lot!

Talking about the remote control maneuvering skills? It does not get much better than this! I do not know how long that RC Chevy Bel Air owner have been practicing, but he got the game!

And, he is doing it in old school style and with a car that is on a wish list of every muscle car fan! Really a great video of a perfect demonstration on everything a good R/C car can do!

Finally, this RC car here also drifts like a champion!

Enjoy the video below!

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