This Mud Truck Burnout Will Make Your Eyes Hurt! Check it!

I guess that hillbillies` fun is something original and unique and the ones outside that `circle of trust` that is happening down there (or up there, call it what you want) can not really comprehend with their sense of humor and feeling for fun. Therefore I think that this mud truck burnout video is going to be painful for all of you who are not part of this `secret society` with original ideas and even more profound car culture.

What we have here is two pickup trucks pulling each other, to see which one is stronger and better. First one (at least) looks like a regular pickup truck, and the second one is more or less with the similar features, with only one important `custom made` change, a state of the art product of modern wheel engineering.

I`m not going to tell you which one turned up to be better or get into more details, because this short video has its own story to tell. Prepare yourself!

Anyway, how about a Mud Truck contest?

Enjoy the video below!

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