Ohio Redneck Stock Pickup TUG OF WAR Battle! Very Funny Break That Damages One Of The Trucks!

I guess this is what happens when you run out of any creative ideas on a subject what to do to show off and prove which one`s machine is better and more powerful! As you`ll see in the video below, this pickup tug of war does exactly that. But, at the end of the day, it is a demonstration of hardcore power! It is really an honest battle where the one with more traction wins!

This Ohio redneck contest must be really `challenging`! Instead of facing the $ 35 000 Ford pickup trucks in a drag race or any other kind of urban strip challenge, these guys find out the exact and right thing that gives them a kick off and pull out their adrenalin rush to another level.

So, what do they do? They are connecting both of their stock Ford pickups with a cable on the rear and start a pull out battle that eventually ends up on the only way possible. They probably thought this was a very dumb idea, but did it anyway! However, in the lack of intelligence and creativity, even that can be fun, at least I guess so. And probably the money is not an object for concern, everything can be fixed and then start it all over again until the `best man wins`. Or something like that.

Everyone should know that there is no place for stock trucks in a tug of war competition! These trucks are not modified in order to withstand a pickup tug of war like this one. Something was bound and expected to go wrong! And to no one`s surprise, it did! We suspect that the damage of one of the trucks in this pickup tug of war was the differential on one of the wheels! Damage on the gearbox is possible as well. What we know for certain is that this pickup driver won`t be able to use his guarantee. When Ford was making this pickup truck, they didn`t design it for a pickup tug of war!

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