LONGEST PICKUP TRUCK You Have Ever Seen In Your Life – The Stretchy Truck!!!

We all know that pickup trucks are quite big and long. But have you ever seen one that is 20 feet long? Yes, you read that right, 20 feet long! And it gets to about 32 feet long with the trailer attached to it! It even has parachutes on it!

Nick Plewniak, the owner of the Stretchy Truck -- the longest pickup truck, says that he gets some looks from people when he drives it, and we are definitely not surprised that it gets people turning their heads around.

The Longest Pickup Truck You Have Ever Seen In Your Life -- The Stretchy Truck!!!

The engine is completely visible in the back, and it packs quite a punch. The longest pickup truck has a 1200 horsepower at 22 pounds of boost, and Nick even thinks that it can rise up to 1500 or 1600 horsepower on the wheel! This footage was taken at the Rocky Mountain Race Week 2015, where Nick took his Stretchy Truck to showcase its potential.

He did not win it though, courtesy of a bad valve seal and an oiled up cylinder that caused some trouble. Unfortunately, shortly after the video was taken, Nick crashed his Stretchy Truck, causing a severe damage to it! And that leaves this video to show you the beauty that was the Stretchy truck! Enjoy the longest pickup truck!

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