How To Build An ALUMINUM 427 FE ENGINE BLOCK From Scratch!

I`m sure that all of you who are following us on a regular basis, know well that besides showing you videos with highly appealing and suspenseful drag races, various stunt performances, presentations of many aftermarket customized models and other things from the world of supercars and the best Detroit muscles, we are always trying to show you something interesting from a technical point of view. So every time we come across some interesting and intriguing clip that is demonstrating certain mechanical skills, or that explains something about the engines, the way they operate, we are keen to show it to you, so that everyone who is Into mechanics and engineering, can expand his knowledge. Thus, today we have prepared an interesting clip by Kirkham Motorsports University, which may very well be useful to some of you. Because what this video actually shows us is how the big block 427 FE engine is being made, step by step.

Starting from a regular, 386 pound block aluminum squares, with a meticulously proceeding by the CNC machine, so that the desired shape can be made, they are transforming it into a beautiful 427 FE engine block. The entire process is divided into several operations, each one of them showing us every segment of the building process, which is pretty impressive even for an everyday layman. When it is all done, we end up with a big block that weights almost 70 percent less (only about 64 pounds) than when they have started.

So, if you are intrigued by this and have a genuine interest to learn how to build an engine block for your future muscle monster, on a good old American way of manufacturing, check out the video and see the entire process of it. And if you want to find out more information about the Kirkham Motorsports, go to this link.