World’s Smallest Engine Is Ready For Production! Now You Can BUY One Of These 4-Stroke V8 Engines!

Small gasoline engines powered giant scale model cars and airplanes have been popular for quite a several years now. We are also fans of self-made replicas of engines or cars and airplanes. You have to admit that many of these replicas look incredible! What we have for you today though, is the smallest engine that goes by the name of Stinger 609! This little engine will definitely impress you, mainly because it looks and sounds incredible! This 4 stroke V8 engine is a masterpiece, and whoever built it, is an amazing craftsman. The attention to detail in this small engine is quite astonishing! What makes things even better is that you can actually purchase it! The largest scale RC models available are 1/5 or 1/6 scale and the serious racers go 1/4 scale. Now the World`s Smallest 4-Stroke V8 Engine is in commercial production! This small beast is being turned out to power by Conley Precision Engines!

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