Miniature Chevy V8 ENGINE With Mini CNC 4-Axis! Great Engineering!

We have seen some pretty awesome miniature scaled engines over all this time. Many of them with a huge detail work that can clearly leave you in awe. But this time it looks like we got the holy grail of miniature engines. A miniature version of a Chevy V8 engine. And these engines are not just miniature replicas of engines, they are real running engines.

If you are one of those guys that loves exploring and learning about engines and similar stuff, then this video is just for you! It really is amazing how you can see all the details of a certain engine as well as noticing how things are getting done! We all know the results of the motors, but let`s take a look at the actual “making of“! In the footage below, you have the miniature versions of a CNC 4-axis clearly showing the way of working and the Chevrolet V8 engine where you can see the clips, the valves and everything! Not only is the work fascinating, wait until you hear the grumbling sound it produces!

We suspect dimensions have been taken from an actual Chevy V8 engine as to be more accurate. We are simply mesmerized by the craftsmanship here. Imagining a replica with accurate measurements is one thing, but actually to create it is another story. And this is definitely a worthy replica of the actual engine. It is a worthy replica because it is built and designed as the actual engine to the very last small detail. And imagine how much work and sweat was invested in this little cute V8 Chevy engine. It must`ve been hours and hours to put every detail in its place and make an accurate replica such as this.

Maybe the only way to make this miniature Chevy V8 engine even cooler is to build a mini shot of nitrous for it.

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