Last week we made a list of the 10 most iconic engines ever produced! Make sure you check that out! Anyway, today we have something very special for you guys. This video would be especially appreciated by the Ferrari owners and fans reading us! It is a word of the legendary Ferrari V12 engine! And in this video you are going to see how the process of making such engine is conducted! You have the chance to get in a Ferrari factory and find out how the motor that is hot metal in the beginning, becomes the thing under the hood that drives the vehicles with horse logo with generations.

The Italian manufacturer started building engines with 12 cylinders and this is the fact that symbolizes the Ferrari. The engine building process begins with intricate work of forming the crucial parts followed by a diligent result check. Furthermore, in a clean environment this process continues with conscientious controls. The ready parts and sent for assembling. It is interesting that only one person is in charge of the entire assembly process of this engine. Every phase is cautiously authorized and archived. Then the implementation of the Ferrari V12 engine on the automobile is granted. Sketchily this is pretty much it!