The ULTIMATE 24V71 Detroit Big Mike ENGINE Goes On A DYNO!

OK guys, we have to tell you that what you are about to see is going to AMAZE you, that thing is for sure!!! It is a big day in the Gearhead history and in a moment you will know why!!! In the video below, which looks like another simple video, is a MONSTER ENGINE that is about to go on a DYNO test in order to get the exact numbers!!! We are talking about the ULTIMATE 24V71 DETROIT BIG MIKE, with more than 3000 HORSEPOWER! Can you even imagine the POWER on this one?! Well, we are going to test it on a DYNO to see the power this one produces!

This 24V71 Detroit is however the LARGEST MOTOR ever to be built for a semi-truck! Yes, a semi-truck because it is going to be tested in a CUSTOM PETERBILT 359!!! This one is Nitrous and it is – BAD!!! An Allison Transmission will be used as the engine will simply be put in the front of the truck! And off it goes, this SOUND is literally OF THE HOOK, it is really enjoyable! Take a look at the video and find out the numbers!!!

And if you think that the Custom Peterbilt 359 will look massive with this engine, than you must watch this tractor that runs not on one, but TWO engines and produces over 4000 HP. Click here for that awesome video!