RC PETERBILT 359 Tows A REAL CAR! This Little Thing Has Is Powerful!

Don`t you just love it when you see small and compact vehicles that show real power?! Remember the Power Wheel`s 2015 Ford F-150 model truck?! It was all small and tiny and YET it managed to hold a real GIANT such as the FORD F-150! Well, we`ve prepared something even more amazing!!! Check out as this RC Peterbilt 359 pulls a REAL car – a Ford to be more precise!

You can see the owner`s pride on his face as he simply remote controls the little truck that tows the MONSTER behind! Anyway, the actual RC Peterbilt 359 is most definitely the coolest truck ever! The steering system of the truck was inspired by go karts! As we all know, big rigs need air horns. In order to make this reality, the producer used a compressor funneling air into two trumpets!

What`s even more amazing is the smoke machine this little fella has in order to make realistic smoke that comes out of the stacks! However, the gas tanks are nothing but plastic! And that`s not all, there is a Tamiya system installed so the sound you hear is very authentic! Enjoy power – enjoy Peterbilt 359!

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