Peterbilt 359 RC Truck Model 1:4 Pulls Nissan Patrol SUV!

The Peterbilt Motors Company is serving us for so long now and we are very satisfied with their work! The Oakland, California based company has served American citizens proudly with their amazing trucks! However, the RC editions are off the hook, especially the Peterbilt 359 RC truck!

Model Truck Peterbilt 359 RC 1

Okay, this time we have something real cool to show you! There will probably be no single person to stay indifferent about this one! You know how Peterbilt trucks are the best? Yeah, well, here is another proof! We have a video here of a Peterbilt 359 RC showing the power it has by towing a Nissan Patrol SUV (a real one)! This makes us imagine what for we could use this amazing truck. Going to the shop, going to school or even work! Just hop on the Peterbilt truck! This video makes it hard to believe that an RC truck can have so much power! But it`s real, it`s true, it`s Peterbilt 359 RC!

This is very impressive and you know it! And not only is this Peterbilt 359 RC towing a fully grown Nissan, but it also has its owner on it! But this RC truck does not look like it needs any help with the towing! Nor does it look like it`s having trouble with the towing! This Peterbilt 359 RC is out of this world!

Check this Truck Model Peterbilt 359 RC with powerful machine with the muffler effects. Pay attention on the 0:25 moment when turbo let go, it is pretty amazing.

This model truck RC is so cool and we want one for us. If you were ever hesitating of buying this one – do not! This is an investment worth having! Check it out!

Finally, if you want to learn more about the Peterbilt company, follow this link!

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