MONSTER ENGINE That Shakes The Ground When It Runs & Has Enormous Torque! WOW!

Seeing an engine like this one in these days is considered more of having fun! No one really has need of this giant monster engine, right?

MONSTER ENGINE Torque Start Up Russia 2

Well, that might be the case now, but it was not always like that. See, almost 100 years ago people did not have electricity in their homes. Well, most people didn`t. Which is why they needed this monster engine to create the current for them. If it was not for these engines there would be no water in the houses, the mills would go down and so on! The most absurd thing about them is that, they do not have much horsepower! Maybe 50 tops. But the torque, oh the torque. Our colleague said it`s more than a room full of women! As a joke of course!

Wondering how people used to power plants, water pumps, saw mills, and even generating electric current in the late 1930s? If you do, we are glad to provide you with an answer. They were using ENORMOUS ENGINES like this one here! Particularly, it is a word of Fairbanks` Morse Model 32D. Because this motor is huge, you might think it delivers a good deal of horsepower. But it has only 40 to 50 HP.

Despite the power, they were actually made to last for years of constant work! For example, at 20,000 hours the piston pin`s operation needle should be replaced only twice, on every 10,000 hours. Note: 20K hours are more than 2 years. However, take a look at this monster engine and tell us what you think of it!

P.S. Did you know that according to some studies on this engine uses between 13 and 16 gallons of fuel per hour?! Visit the link to find out more information about this machine!

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