GTR Drag Race! 1000+HP Nissan GTRs Racing Each Other!

Here we have something that will be a real bulls-eye for all those amongst you who love and adore the legendary Japanese rocket-sleds, the one and only Nissan GTR supercars. It is a video clip that was filmed at the last year`s Shift S3ctor Pikes Peak Airstrip attack, which in the finals turned out to be a competition only between the above mentioned cars, the legendary Nissan GTR, each of them highly modified and tuned with an engine under the hood that is boosting way over 1 000 HP! It is a mile long GTR drag race, and all of those four extremely powerful GTRs are ready to do their best.

Well prepared drivers and perfectly tuned cars, and everything is set for an ultimate drag face-off. One of them is the English Racing Nissan GTR -- Super 99 car, then we have the Alpha 16 powered GTR, that 1 600 HP Gray Lambo painted Alpha 12 Nissan GTR and the ETS`s Super 99 Monster that is boosting 1 650 HP. I`m sure that those of you who are following the Nissan GTR scene are familiar with (at least) some of these examples that you will see facing each other in this extremely thrilling and suspenseful drag battle.

So without further adieu and unnecessary `chatting` about it, check out the GTR drag race below and find out who is the winner in this exciting drag contest. And if you want to find out about the new Nissan GTR Nismo, the most powerful model in the production lineup, check out this link.