36+ Feet Long Hard Top CONVERTIBLE Yacht Named TOPAZ!

It does not matter if you are into a certain thing or not, if that particular thing is good, then it is undisputedly good. No need to argue more about that. Therefore, we strongly believe that it doesn`t matter whether you are into boats or not, this vessel will most certainly fascinate you. We are referring to, what is believed, as the first drop top yacht in the world! The name of this convertible yacht is TOPAZ and is made by the Australian company VIKAL INTERNATIONAL.

This luxurious vessel is 36.9 feet long and can develop a maximum speed of up to 50 knots! At first, the plan about this vessel was to be just an Open Sport model, but later the owner came up with an idea that he wants a convertible yacht!

Of course, that was not a problem for Vikal International. Their team gave a suggestion that the best solution would be triple panel folding hard top, made of carbon fiber. Also, the hard top would be powered by hydraulics and digitally PLC controlled as well! Additionally, the moving parts were made of rust-free milled metals. The owner could not resist such a suggestion, and so, there it is. Enjoy.

Plus, click here to visit the official website of Vikal International!