Our military equipment the best in the world! A lot of things used by our soldiers are great, and we decided to share a video with you guys from on the most amazing things that our military uses! Behold the ULTIMATE vessel that is currently in service with the United States military! Its name is HSV 2 Swift! This multipurpose vessel is perfect as: super yacht, shadow yacht, global exploration vessel, OSV, escort vessel, MSSV, oceanic research, humanitarian aid and can do many more! Also, it is tremendously fast, the maximum speed is 48 knots! There is no escaping from this creature! Moreover its overall length is 318.96 feet and with that it has around 23 000 square feet of capacity. While we are at the dimensions, we can mention the 81 f x 50 f helicopter deck with 2 undercover helicopter hangers. This is just one of the many reasons why our American Navy is dubbed as the absolute best in the world!

Moreover, its 65 tons SWL vehicle ramp is the main connector when this vessel is in a ship to ship or ship to shore transfer mode. You can view this process of loading vehicles as well as helicopter landing and taking off. Besides all that space for vehicles and helicopter, the HSV 2 Swift can carry 353 passengers, situated in 78 berths in 22 cabins. Plus, there are 250 aircraft style seats. In addition there are conference room, planning room, operations room, medical treatment room etc. All in all it has everything and is capable of everything! We definitely wouldn`t want to get in the way of this thing! It is just so ridiculously good! See this engineering masterpiece in the video below and enjoy!

To learn more about this enormous Navy vessel, follow this link.