Fast Boat, Super Fast Boat, A LAMBORGHINI SPEEDBOAT!!! Must SEE This 3300HP LAMBO On Water! It Is STAGGERING!

We bet that when you hear the word Lamborghini, your heart rate goes up a bit. It`s inevitable. Then you instantly picture yourself inside some model from this manufacturer speeding up and overpassing the others. That`s OK. Wake up now. Because now you have to prepare for something that is really incredible, and it will especially affect the speedboat lovers! You are maybe guessing what we are aiming for. So, without further ado, we present you the Lamborghini boat! Yes, it exists! It`s a Lamborghini on water! A real Lamborghini speedboat! Can you imagine that?

Well, you don`t have to, you just have to watch the video below. This boat we are talking about here, has the same interior like a real Lamborghini automobile! The whole interior, including the steering wheel, switchgear, dash and seats are Aventador-inspired!

This Lamborghini speedboat was commissioned by one great Lambo enthusiast who is a huge restaurateur in Miami. His name is Gino Garguilo, and he commissioned this project in order to make a huge tribute to his Aventador Roadster! Yeah, Gino Garguilo loves his Lamborghini that much!

The Lamborghini speedboat is 48ft long and it is fitted with not one but a pair of racing engines! These engines are enabling his Lambo speedboat to reach speeds of 186 mph!

So whenever you are driving your Lambo on the road or you want to jump into the Lambo boat, you don`t have to leave your favorite environment. This video is mostly recorded from the boat itself, hence you can feel its power and see the adjusted interior. Of course, as a Lamborghini car is fast on asphalt, the Lamborghini boat is fast on water! You have the chance to see that as it overpasses every boat nearby. This particular unit is the main attraction at the marina.

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