Need A Super Boat To Go With Your Lambo Aventador?! $1.3 Million Lamborghini Boat For You! Enjoy A Race Between Them Too!

When you are in the billion club, you think differently. You have other priorities and you spend your money in different ways. Thus, the Lambo lover here wanted to have a boat that will match his Lamborghini Aventador! So, obviously he got a Lamborghini boat – Aventador Super Boat! Now, do not underestimate this fella. The engine that`s taking care of it is a 1350 Mercury Twin Turbo which can produce up to 2.700 Horsepower! Yeah, that gives it the opportunity to develop a top speed of 190 miles per hour!

This Lamborghini boat is really special as it matches with the Lamborghini Aventador on so many levels! Every detail is the same, from the headlights to the taillights, from the dashboard to the steering wheel. This Lamborghini boat took 1 year to be built!

The video gets even more awesome when we actually get to see a race between them. The Aventador car is on the highway in Miami, while the Aventador super boat cuts the waves of the ocean! After the race is off and everyone gets their adrenaline rush, you will get to see who won!

Do you remember that Corvette boat with over 1700HP?
Well this Lamborghini super speed boat owned by one of the Lambo Aventador‘s owners that had an obsession for his supercar to go a bit further!
Well this time it is a Lambo lover. We have featured this Lamborghini Aventador super boat previously, but it wasn’t in action.

This masterpiece is worth $1.3 million and it is a big pleasure to watch it in action just against the Aventador. You will get to know the winner just after the bid race. So you have to watch the video first! Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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