J’Ade – A Yacht With An Extravagant Interior That Can Store A Speed Boat!

J’ade is the favorite yacht in the billionaires’ club. Discover all the details about this huge pearl!

j'ade Yacht Extravagant Interior speed boat 2

Billionaires have always battled themselves about  who is going to impress the world by owning the most extravagant house, yacht, car, etc. That is why we have seen enormous and amazing stuff that kept us jaw dropped, because of their luxury and glamour. Well, today it is time to make our mouths water, as we are going to analyze the 196 foot J’ade yacht that costs around $ 86 million. So, what does this huge pearl have?! Except the common things like restaurants, swimming pools, helipads, spa, gym and a Turkish bath, J’ade can brag itself as the yacht that can store another vessel inside.

Believe it or not, this mega luxurious yacht, has an indoor garage that can store a 26 foot long speedboat. But that is not all. The luxury vessel can accommodate 10 guests in four cabins, not counting the crew which is a team of around 13 people. Finally, the most fascinating feature of the sea treasure -- it is hydraulically powered and its hatch can be filled with 18k liters of water. That amount of water can be used as a private ocean pool.

In addition, the concept of this pleasure ship and of course its décor, is shown in the name – J’Ade. More precisely, the jade green color that is prevailing in various nuances throughout the entire ship. Performance-wise, this opulent vessel is powered by 2 1500KW engines which can offer this yacht a maximum speed of 15 knots. Already amazed?! Watch the video below that will impress you even more, and if you are thinking of renting this precious thing for a week start saving money now, because you will need over $600 000. But if you don`t have the amount of money for spending time on this vessel, you can at least dream about that tonight.

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