Is that a huge city? A metropolis? Maybe a new country?  Well, the answer to all the questions is a big NO as in the footage below we have one massive cruise ship that has literally space for EVERYTHING. If you follow us frequently, you may have noticed that several times we have come across magnificent boats that spark with their luxury and elegance that made us jealous and speechless at the same time. However, today we have something special that will astonish you from the first second. We have the LARGEST CRUISE SHIP on the planet, the best and most impressive feature of Royal Caribbean International – the ultimate Oasis of the Seas!

So, let`s get straight to the things that this revolutionary cruise ship has to offer. “Oasis of the Seas” has, believe it or not, 7 so-called distinct neighborhoods which are enriched with several shopping malls, squares, theatres, 3D cinemas, pools, spas, casinos, hotels, etc. but each one has special characteristics and features that distinguish them from each other. Moreover, if you ever have the golden opportunity to step into this “moving-city” ship you will be served by no more, no less, but 2394 crew members that will make your holiday even more unforgettable. Plus, there is a huge range of dining options to meet the needs of even the pickiest guests.

But, let us cut the talk now, as the video below will explain the magic of this cruise ship by itself. Get amazed by the utopia that Oasis of the Seas hides behind its curtains and feel free to leave your comments!

Plus, if you want to get more information about the largest cruise ship or the Oasis of the Seas, follow this link and look up at the special deals it has for this summer.