We like to take a break from time to time of all the engines and motors and give ourselves in for the boats! But not any boats, we haven`t softened that much – we are talking about HIGH PRICE POWERBOATS WITH MASSIVE HORSEPOWER! If you remember we recently had an article about the Porsche Powerboat. Right now, we are going to present you the ZR 48 Corvette Powerboat!!! This is definitely something you need when you want to get away from the traffic and still have some high octanes! We warn you though, seeing this incredibly beautiful boat might make you fall in love with it! It is just that good! The design was inspired from the ZR1 Corvette and that adds a lot more to this powerboats remarkable appearance.

If you have 1.7 million dollars, this is what you will get! An amazing ZR 48 Corvette Boat that is not like those fishing boats you often see at the Harbors! This is more of a torpedo when you see it in the water! And not only is it powerful, but it also look amazing with that dark black body! No wonder why it costs so much! This powerboat is also Carbon Fibered and its 2.700 horsepower sound INCREDIBLE ON WATER! However, if you are thinking of purchasing this BEAST, take a look at the video and imagine yourself relaxing in the middle of the ocean! We don`t know about you, but we would LOVE to have a ZR 48 Corvette Powerboat for ourselves! With it, you could cruise wherever you want! Here is a question for you. If you had a boat like this, what would be your destination? An exotic island would be our answer!

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