Porsche LUXURY Speed Boat Fearless 28 Conquers The OCEAN!

How would you get class, comfort, speed and relaxation at the same time? The answer is simple – Porsche Speed Bout – Fearless 28! It is like the perfect combination of an aesthetic beauty and high quality performance. With the very latest items, with its` elegance and with its` construction techniques it gives you the very best pleasure! A luxury speed boat that allows you to get away from reality, to make your life perfect in those moments while you enjoy in the view of beautiful landscapes and waves far away from the shore. It sounds great, we agree.

But that is what you get for a price of approximately $350.000. You are buying yourself a boat with a Standard Power of 525 hp (381 kw) and a Max power of 550 hp (410 kw). On the other hand, with speed over 80 miles per hour, the Fearless 28 is pretty much all you can wish for! There you go, mix elegance with high speed and stay classy! Enjoy long fast rides, or simply stop in the middle of the ocean and enjoy as you listen to seagulls squawk while tiny waves splash onto your boat.

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