Google Self Driving Car Project! Would You Take A Ride?

At first, big bravo for the grandpas who can still drive super speedy beasts on the road as young and wild people, who mostly do. However, when we see the reality we will understand that getting older can really lower our driving skills. Luckily, our generation is scared enough of that fact and came up with the idea to create a Google self driving car that is ready to satisfy the transportation needs of any person dealing with limited driving skills or handicap.

It is about another fascinating project of Google and as you will see in the video, the company is proud to present its vehicle for the first time to the public. At the same time the audience has been given a chance to be driven by the car in order to experience the unique performance that this little futuristic beauty has to offer.

The Google self driving carĀ prototype is controlled by only a few buttons and that`s it. You can freely relax and do sightseeing although I think that you will continually be amazed by the work of this awesome self-driving machine. It knows when it needs to stop, it knows when it needs to do nothing, it knows when it needs to go and finally -- it can drive better than you!

Enjoy the video below!

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