Watch This Blue Skyline R34 Nissan Hitting Down The Road!

When you come to think about it, before “Fast & Furious 2″actually came out and became a smashing hit, the one and only Nisan Skyline GTR R34 was relatively unknown for the wider audience, even though this amazing car was in its 5th evolution cycle when it became known as the R34 model. With its four wheel drive, and explosive launch control it is the one of the most favorite cars amongst all the gearheads in the world, very much prominent for its grip. Thus, it is always a pleasure to watch it in action, even if it is not on some spectacular event, or hard core performance. So it is clear that there is no need for any further introduction and detail specs for the blue¬†Skyline GTR R34, no matter what is hiding under the hood, because its blistering performance statistics are well known, so every time we have one of these great sports vehicles ripping off the tarmac track or battling against the time on the strip, it is a real pleasure to watch it.

And I think that the following video will be only a `verification` of this claim, as we have this great sky blue Skyline GTR R34, giving us a good demonstration of its acceleration abilities as it hits down the road. Short but very effective clip, check it out!

Moreover, this is the LUNATIC Skyline right here!

Enjoy the video below!

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