BEHIND THE SCENES of Fast & Furious RC Car Chase! These Fast Furious RC Cars Are Awesome!

The guy who has made this awesome video, dedicates it in loving memory to Paul Walker and the passion for the Fast And Furious Movie Series. And many of us are simply in love with the Fast & Furious franchise! However, there are some gearheads who take their fandom to an entirely different level! The guy who made this video is one of those extreme fans we are talking about! He managed to make a scaled down film set and to film two awesome fast furious RC cars racing each other! Paul Walker vs Vin Diesel in a perfect RC car chase! Isn`t that amazing or what?!

The race is based on the sixth instalment of the franchise! And these fast furious RC cars are doing all kinds of stunts and crashes! A lot of high speed action and a lot of destruction! The best RC cars choreography a guy can hope for! But the thing that grasped our attention the most is the beautiful RC replicas that are driven by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker! Vin`s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and Paul`s matte blue Nissan GT R!! The cars that were driven by these guys in the last instalment of Fast & Furious!

And as we can safely say this is one of our favorite RC car chase video, we are more than happy to see what happens behind the scenes! We can see a very complex and artful storyboard that shows what masterminds these guys really are! We get a shot of all the props and how the environment looks from above! We can also see the skillful handling of the camera that these guys are doing! And those shots are marvelous indeed! These guys, with their awesome Fast Furious RC cars, different props, built environment and skillful camera work made one hell of a flick!

This is the list of the RC cars involved in this video: 1969 Camaro RSNissan GTR Nismo, 2013 Camaro ZL1 and Nissan Silvia S15.

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