Steering Box Repair Tips By Wheeler Dealer! Learn How To Fix Your Steering Box In No Time!

If you have an older car, the chances are high of it having a steering box instead of a steering rack. Although these parts do the same job, the steering box is more “prone to excessive wear”. If your steering box is worn out, turning the steering wheel won`t turn the wheels much. This will probably take the confidence out of any driver behind the steering wheel. Anyhow, Edd China from Wheeler Dealers is here to give us a few steering box repair tips!

Taking care of this problem is no joke, and in order for the steering box to be removed from this particular car, a lot of other parts need to be removed as well. First, you have to release the steering column which begins by taking the indicators off. Make sure to know which wire goes where, so that you can successfully put them back together again. You can do this by taking a photo of the wires before you take them out.

There are two bolts under the car dashboard that release the steering column. The steering box is under the radiator, so before removing the box, you have to drain the radiator, disconnect the pipework and undo a couple of retaining nuts. After all of this is done, the radiator simply lifts out. You will also have to remove the cotter pins and use a splitter to separate each joint. Once the steering rod and wiring are released, the steering box can finally be removed!

Like we said previously, taking out this part is a lot of work! However, if you can fix the steering box, the trouble is worthwhile. You should always have your car in top notch condition, and we hope that these steering box repair tips by Edd China will help you out!

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