Mining trucks are an inevitable part in their industry. Their appearance made a revolution in the field of mining. With them, much more work is done for less time. No wonder they are created so big, and even nowadays they undergo through many enhancements. That`s why we decided to present you one ETF MT240 mining truck that will definitely ease the mining job. The truck drivers will find this particularly fascinating!

Truck`s turning angle can sometimes be a real problem, especially when it comes to operating a big truck in a limited space. You need serious skills to be able to perform that, and those skills are gaining only via experience. Anyhow, today you are going to see one really unique truck! It is a word of the German ETF MT240 mining truck! This truck has 10 pairs of wheels, which are designed to have a specific angle in order the truck to be able to turn 360˚ circle! Moreover, the power of the engine is distributed to all wheels and they also have really long suspension travel of 950mm! Is this the ultimate mining truck?

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