OMG! This Truck Driver Makes A Dangerous U-turn! What If You Were On The Highway?

The seat behind the wheel is not made for everyone, but that is just another fact that some brave people will continue to ignore. And that is a visa to our collection of shocking videos, where once again we have an insane truck driver who makes a dangerous U-turn.

Fed up from the complicated road infrastructure that is Britain has, this guy does a highly dangerous U-turn on a highway. Why circling around when there is a shortcut? Maybe that was the exact rhetorical question that hit the head of this driver, who with no care at all drives the wrong way up a slip road on a motorway and then basically enters the motorway from an exit into oncoming traffic. Yes, it sounds incredible, like something that can only happen in a game with truck simulators, but it is real.

If we analyze the situation objectively, we must admit that the driver gave left turn signal and made the turn very smoothly without hurting or endangering anyone on the road. However, the British police is not tolerable for these kinds of traffic offenses and the news are that the driver was punished 15 weeks in jail. Deservedly or not?! Let us know your opinion of this exclusive CCTV footage.

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