This Ferry Check In! These TRUCK Drivers Are Really NUTS!

Watching a video clip like this one, really makes me understand why are they calling them `the third world` countries! In this ferry check in case, there is not `the right` or `the wrong` way of doing it, but a completely third! And I definitely would not recommend it to anyone, if you do not want to end up saying goodbye to your cool truck!

I do not know for sure where is this video coming from, there is absolutely no info about it, but from what I could have understand listening to the voices, it sounds like Portuguese. And if that is the case, taking into an account the surroundings, we are probably talking about Brazil!

And what is so nuts about these guys is the way they are `transporting` that cool pickup truck that looks like a Chevy Silverado. Only on two tiny wooden sills, off from the `port` into the epic ferry check in! I do not know whether that is the usual and normal way vehicles are checking in when they are getting on a ferry, but this is totally crazy!

Just watch the video below and you will see what I`m talking about! And if you want to see a funny truck fail compilation, click here.