1973 Dodge CHALLENGER & 1975 Ford MAVERICK from BRAZIL!

Today we have prepared you a video with two great muscle specimens, that is coming from São Paulo, Brazil, from one of the best Brazilian workshops, Topolino Junkyard, in which in the center of attention are 1973 Dodge Challenger and 1975 Ford Maverick, both of them very powerful and visually astonishing cars. Even though there is not translation with subtitles, I think that you will really enjoy this next five minutes, and we will try to give you the main info about these beauties.

According to the owner of the Topolino, Cid Tanganelli, things started to happen when he agreed to help a friend to restore that 1975 Ford Maverick, which seemed to be totally intact before the restoration, and almost completely destroyed from the rust. But Cid saw the full potential of the car and started working on it. Very soon, the Maverick was joined by `75 Dodge Challenger that was in a slightly better shape, but still needed a lot of work.

After many working hours in the garage, the Ford received many changes and was equipped with a 5.7 liter V8 347 cubic inch engine. On the other hand, the Dodge Challenger remained pretty much in its original condition, the 7.2 liter V8 440 was ready to be mounted and the car started to shine in its full bright.

Now we can all see the final result of this hard work, but believe me when I tell you that it is all worth all that effort. Just watch the video and see what I`m talking about.

Finally, enjoy some pictures of the Ford Maverick!