Dodge Challenger 440 SRT8 by RDP Motorsport GLORIOUS BEAST!

The reason why we all love the custom made cars is that we get to see and meet new highly modified models over and over again. Just when one thinks that he had seen it all, there is a new beast that gets unleashed and gets us out of our shoes, leaving us with the jaw on the floor. Even though this `new monster` Dodge Challenger 440 SRT-8 that you are going to see in the video bellow is not actually brand new modified model, but in fact has a few years since its becoming in this form, yet it will be the first time for many of us to see it, so I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

The credits for this new flavor of modifications to this awesome looking black Dodge Challenger 440 SRT-8 are going to RDP Motorsport from Ohio, who actually came up with the idea of the becoming of this Twin Supercharged 440 Stroker, which was shown for the first time in Florida, at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) in 2009. The guys have added plenty of different modifications under the hood, but the biggest part of its 1 000 HP are due to a unique Supercharger system (Twin Bullet / RDP Harrop), as well as the Nitrous Express` nitrous boosting system. Check it out.